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Monday, April 13, 2009

Mulut,s Cafe Desa Pandan

This time we found 'makan place' which is yg dekat-dekat ngan rumah..sebab masa tuh dah lapar sangat. Ha..ha..ha..

Eventhough selalu juga makan disini but before this, i didn't notice that there has one stall which sell delicious char koay teow and nasi lemak with fried chicken.
Stall name is Mulut,s Cafe beside the Tak Bai stall.

Once i try the char koay teow and nasi lemak here, personally i loved the gravy taste of the char koay teow and nasi lemak with crispy fried chicken at it's glorious best!

Char Koay Teow for only RM 3.00

Nasi Lemak with spicy sambal and crispy fried chicken. Must definitely try the fried chicken!

The price is also very reasonable. Ya lahhh..what do we expect when we are having meals at stall. Sure we want the meals with the cheap price rite?? He..he..he..

Senarai harga bagi sebahagian makanan dan minuman.

Untuk minuman pula kami suggest kedondong juice. Slurpppp...

The place is quite crowded (at the time we reached) but still you can get the seat.